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Seiryuzan Mankoji Temple
Mankoji's garden faces a monks's house and you can see montains along the horizon behind the garden. The garden is 1,142.77㎡, it consists of two gardends, Shoin garden and Kuri garden, although they look like one garden. The garden is made of a pattern of the middle of the Edo period.
There is a well-know story that Tokugawa Ieyasu stayed here over night when Takeda forces were after him. Ieyasu woke up because a hen crowed before Takeda forces came. So Ieyasu gave a reward to it.
Address 140 Tanaka Shimoyoshida Shinshiro-shi Access JR飯田線本長篠駅から車で10分
Open Hours 8:00-17:00 Toilet
Fee Contribution: About 100 yen/person Credit Card
Regular Holiday Open Everyday Barrier-free facilities
Phone 0536-34-0116 Area Guide
Parking Lot 3台    
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Message from the Concierge

庭園は、庫裡の北に南面し、自然の山を背景として築かれています。庭園の総面積は1,142.77?、書院庭園(北庭)と庫裡庭園(東側)の二庭から成り立ち、一庭のように巧みに組み立てられたものです。井伊谷の竜潭寺(静岡県引佐町)や豊川の妙厳寺 の庭園とよく似ていて、江戸時代中期の様式と見られます。
徳川家康 が若かりし頃、武田軍に追われて逃走の途中ここに宿をとった時、鶏の声に命を助けられ、寺領三石の黒印状を与えたという話は有名です。 


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Hon-Nagashino Station (JR Iida Line) → 10 min. by car.
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