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Fukaji (Temple)
The Temple Legend says that Fukaji Temple was made 1,300 years ago. It is said that Gyoki Bodhisattva was the founder and as the biggining, he made a 11-face-Kannon image and built a small temple called Raigoin in 701.
There are Saikoku 33 Kannon images lined aside Kannon Road.
There are a hydrangea garden and also places for autumn-leaf viewing.

Name: Fukaji (Religious Corporation)
Denomination: Koyasan Shingon-shu (Shingon esoteric Buddhism)
Founder: Kobo Daishi (Kukai)
Foundation: Year of 701 (Asuka Period)
Head Priest: Yugen Ikadatu
Cultural Assets: "3 thousand Buddha Figures and Treasure's Tower Picture", "Fukaji Temple Garden", "Guardian God Figure", "Kinkoku Yokoi's Painting on a fusuma" and so on.
*They will be exhibited on November 3 very year.
Address 46 Koden Nakauri Shinshiro-shi Aichi Access 豊川IC~、三ヶ日IC~ 約20分
豊川駅と新城駅は距離がほぼ同じ 駅からはタクシー
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By Train
Toyokawa Station or Shinshiro Station (JR Iida Line) → Taxi
By Car
Toyokawa Interchange or Mikkabi Interchange (Tomei Expressway) → About 20 min.