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Linden Tree of Zenpukuji (Temple)
【Shinshiro City Cultural Asset/Natural Monument】 August 17, 1983.
Height: 15m, Trunk girth: 1.35m.
Linden tree is deciduous broad‐leaved tree from China, and it is called bodaiju in Japan as the shape of the leaf looks like a leaf of Indian bo tree. It is often seen at temples in Japan and it is also planted at Zenpukuji Temple.

Zenpukuji Temple was named as "Mt. Tagen, Zenpukuji" by the Imperial Court in an era of Empress Suiko. Late years, the mountain was renamed Mt. Kinrin as Shinzei Sojo built a Sangharama in 824.
It is said that the area name of Tsukude is named as Shinzei Sojo repared a hand of Buddha's figure, what was made by Kobo Taishi.
Address Nakanobo Aza Tsukudeshiratori Shinshiro-shi Aichi Access 「豊田IC」→国道301号線1時間→作手
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