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Iwakura Shrine
At the shrine, there is a stable, that has wooden god horse having grasses in its mouth inside, with lattce doors.
There is an ancient tradition that the horse go out breaking into feilds every night, so that people put it into the stable.
There is a path to walk around the main shrine.
There is a strange shaped stone called ""Iwakura Ishi".
The date of foundation is uncertain.
But it is written on Montoku Jitsuroku (fifth of the six classical Japanese history texts) and Sandai Jitsuroku (sixth of the six classical Japanese history texts) as it was confered as relative rank accorded the gods of Shintoism.
Address 14 Kitsunezuka Aza Omiya Shinshiro-shi Aichi Access
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By Train
Take 3km to the north from Chausuyama Station (JR Iida Line)
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石座神社入り口 の座標 34°55'17.2" 137°31'23.3"
ヒメハルゼミ(6~7月) 市の天然記念物:昭和58年3月19日